Neighbor To Nation, formerly Share America! provides giving options for both state and local governments, as well as companies of all sizes tailored to meet corporate and employee interests and needs. Whether it is adding Neighbor To Nation to your current campaign or easily creating a new opportunity for employees to give to charities through payroll deduction, Neighbor To Nation will assist you in every aspect. Click on the buttons below, to view more information about corporate and/or state and local campaigns.

Employees view the opportunity to support charities of their choice through payroll deduction as a valuable benefit offered by their employers. They are able to make meaningful gifts easily and conveniently while only seeing a small amount deducted from each paycheck.

Employees have the flexibility to support multiple causes through a single amount  . The key is choice. Employers that offer their employee?s giving campaigns that include choice see an increase in giving. Workplace giving provides a way for employers and employees to say ? WE CARE.

According to American Association of Fund-Raising Counsel Trust for Philanthropy/Giving USA 2002, individuals accounted for 75.8% or $160.72 billion of the $212 billion contributed to philanthropic programs in 2001. Many of these individual donors made their contributions through their workplace employee giving campaigns.

The Trust also reports that 38.2% of these contributions were directed to religious charities, 9.3% to human services charities, and 8.7% to health charities. More than 55% of all philanthropic giving was focused on the areas of need represented by our member charities.

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