Partnering with Neighbor To Nation means you are supporting:
Children, Medical Research, People with Disabilities, Disaster Relief, Education & Training, The Homeless, Elderly Services, Health Care, Hunger Relief, International Aid, and more…

Each organization has undergone a stringent review of programs and finances. This review ensures that your gifts will be used for the expressed programs of each organization. Neighbor To Nation has over 180 member charities, participating in various State and Local government campaigns, as well as corporate giving campaigns. To view a complete list of all of our charities, click here. To see what charities are participating in either state and local or corporate campaigns, please click on the buttons below:

About us

Neighbor To Nation, formerly Share America! Is a federation of America’s leading human service, Christian and medical research charities. Our member charities connect with donors and volunteers who help them provide hope and better futures for the people they serve through employee involvement and workplace giving programs.

Neighbor To Nation was formed in 1997 as a collaboration between Christian Service Charities, Human Service Charities of America and Medical Research Agencies of America to provide employees across the nation with exceptional, additional choices in workplace giving campaigns.

Workplace giving has given so many Americans a reliable and efficient way to support the programs and missions they believe in. Employers provide an opportunity for their employees to guarantee that a child or a senior citizen will receive a hot meal each day. The disabled will have access to programs that give them the chance to remain or become productive members of society. A message is sent out to the world that America cares for its sick and hungry.

Shared staff and resources result in low overhead and streamlined operations ensuring that the maximum amount of a donor?s gift goes directly to fund our member?s charitable missions.


Thank you for your interest in giving. You can give a gift of your time or a gift of your money.

To volunteer, click on Volunteer. On an ongoing basis, Neighbor To Nation charity members add new volunteer opportunities. Although we post these notices, we are not directly involved in the relationship between you and the organization.

To a make a donation using your credit card, click on Make a $ Donation . You will enter PledgeNet, Neighbor To Nation?s exclusive giving network designed to ensure that all contributions are directed exactly to the charities of your choice.

You can donate to specific charities or you can contribute to Neighbor To Nation, in which case your contribution will be shared by all of the charities we represent. If you want to make your gift in honor or in memory of someone, in addition to clicking on Make a $ Donation, Contact Us with the appropriate information.

Your transaction will be completed through a completely secure system. All information you provide will be kept in confidence and will not be sold or shared with other organizations at any time. Neighbor To Nation does not sell, loan, or trade donor lists. Neighbor To Nation is committed to operating with a low overhead, ensuring that as much as possible of your contribution goes to support the causes you choose to support.


Neighbor To Nation, formerly Share America! provides giving options for both state and local governments, as well as companies of all sizes tailored to meet corporate and employee interests and needs. Whether it is adding Neighbor To Nation to your current campaign or easily creating a new opportunity for employees to give to charities through payroll deduction, Neighbor To Nation will assist you in every aspect. Click on the buttons below, to view more information about corporate and/or state and local campaigns.

Employees view the opportunity to support charities of their choice through payroll deduction as a valuable benefit offered by their employers. They are able to make meaningful gifts easily and conveniently while only seeing a small amount deducted from each paycheck.

Employees have the flexibility to support multiple causes through a single amount  . The key is choice. Employers that offer their employee?s giving campaigns that include choice see an increase in giving. Workplace giving provides a way for employers and employees to say ? WE CARE.

According to American Association of Fund-Raising Counsel Trust for Philanthropy/Giving USA 2002, individuals accounted for 75.8% or $160.72 billion of the $212 billion contributed to philanthropic programs in 2001. Many of these individual donors made their contributions through their workplace employee giving campaigns.

The Trust also reports that 38.2% of these contributions were directed to religious charities, 9.3% to human services charities, and 8.7% to health charities. More than 55% of all philanthropic giving was focused on the areas of need represented by our member charities.

Hosting a Campaign

Neighbor To Nation offers a simplified campaign format allowing YOU to select participants and causes best suited to meet the needs of your company and your employees. Because we know donors have specific interests, we want to ensure that all contributions go to support those causes. Neighbor To Nation equals ultimate donor choice!

With Neighbor To Nation you choose which charities are included in your campaign. You can choose all of the charities represented by Neighbor To Nation or you can create a customized list, by category of service or by geographic area of service. You can also choose charities not presently represented by Neighbor To Nation Internetowy Portfel.

If your workplace does not have an employee charitable giving program through payroll deduction or does not include Neighbor To Nation charities, you can receive personal step-by-step guidance by contacting us.

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